Arts and Sustainability Center

Proposed Arts and Sustainability Center

Willowell is currently planning the creation of an Arts and Sustainability Center.  The new building would host our programs and house Wren’s Nest Wilderness Preschool, an art gallery, a teaching  kitchen, a large multi-purpose space, and a “silobrary” (library framed by a former silo). On the grounds would be a hoophouse, a functioning barn, and a residence for a farm manager. We intend the new center to be a useful, welcoming educational and social gathering place for Monkton and surrounding communities.

We welcome your thoughts and questions at Willowell is pleased to collaborate with Studio III Architects and Green Mountain Engineering, Inc. on this initiative. Studio III and GME  reserve all rights to the graphics below as noted.

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Arts and Sustainability Center Schematic


Existing Condition Map


Site Plan, Page 2


Site Plan, Page 3


Site Plan, Page 4


Basement Plan


First Level


Second Level


East and West Elevations


North and South Elevations


Code Summary


Phasing Schedule