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AmeriCorps At Willowell

Since Willowell’s founding, committed AmeriCorps coming from Vermont and beyond have helped build Willowell into the fabulous organization it is today. Currently, we host two AmeriCorps service members annually through the Vermont Youth Tomorrow (VYT) VISTA and Vermont Youth Development Corps (VYDC) programs.

Willowell AmeriCorps focus primarily on poverty alleviation and youth development in Addison County. Each AmeriCorps member has the opportunity to contribute to existing programs while also forging their own path. Members find themselves developing community resources, expanding partnerships, fundraising, mentoring disadvantaged youth, organizing volunteers, and learning from the outdoors. They assume leadership roles in educational programming, such as the Walden Project and Wren’s Nest, and take charge of building community assets like the community garden, Gordon Sculpture Park, and Monkton Wood Bank. AmeriCorps at Willowell put on many hats to best serve the community and to build happier, healthier, and more sustainable futures for the youth and residents of Addison County.


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The VYT AmeriCorps VISTA Program supports effective programs and initiatives around Vermont that help low-income youth and families develop job skills and academic proficiency, gain access to affordable housing and healthy food, and cultivate social assets that they need to transcend poverty and thrive.


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The VYDC AmeriCorps State Program builds community support for prevention and intervention programs that help youth thrive and ultimately become healthy, engaged citizens.

Contact us if you are interested in learning more about AmeriCorps service at Willowell.