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Lord of the Rings


In the East of Middle-Earth in the far land of Ruhn the Dragon King has won and we the Alliance of Elves, Dwarves, Knights, Wizards, Hobbits and Orcs must find a way to defeat him before he discovers all the magic relics of this land and accomplish his master plan. If he does he will become an invincible sorcerer of terrible power that not even the Wise Order of the Tree can face.

In this Fantasy camp you will enter the world of J.R.R. Tolkiens Lord of the Rings, Middle-Earth. Every day learning to fight with swords, have foam archery battles, learn to write in ancient elvish, find healing medicinal herbs and defend castle forts. You will be defending the forts from Trolls Wargs and Dragons alongside your fellowship in an all-out battle of good versus evil. In years past we have divided into species (Human, Elf, Dwarf and Wizard) keeping our training secret from each other. This year we must reveal all the secret teachings to face the Dragon King and his growing armies.

That means if you are a Dwarf and want to learn Archery and spell casting you may do so. Or if you are a Knight and want to learn to wield an axe you may also do that! Join the the Fellowship and save your land, save your people, save Middle-earth!



August 6 - 10 (with night-time adventure at 8:30pm, Aug 10th & Last Battle 10am - 2pm, Aug 11th at the land)

9:00 AM - 3:00 PM




Stoney Meadow Lane
Monkton, VT 05443






Complete the 2018 Willowell Summer Camp Registration Form Online:



I. Make checks payable to the Willowell Foundation, and mail to address above (preferred).

II. Pay through PayPal. Please add a $10 processing fee to tuition total when paying online. Enter name of camp and campers name in “description.”

Applications and full tuition are due 3 weeks before the camp start date.

To reserve a space now, please fill out the online application and mail your non-refundable $50 deposit.  Deposit counts towards full tuition.



Maurice (Mo) Bissonnette:

Mo grew up in Jerusalem, Vermont and has been a student of nature since he joined the Bristol tracking club in 8th grade. He soon found himself raised in the culture of naturalists, trackers and elders living in old ways. Mo has been trained in wilderness survival for over 10 years and has studied at the Vermont Wilderness School and Hawk Circle Wilderness Education center. He is currently teaching wilderness skills around the state, including at Earthwalk Vermont and Wisdom of the Herbs School.


Julia Martin:

Julia attended the Waldorf School of Princeton, NJ, pre-K-8th Grade. She co-started, and has been running ReTribe‘s programs including; Coyote and Chipmunk Clan, The Richmond Forest School, Coyote Clan Afterschool programs, and Teen Rites of Passage retreats all around the state of Vermont for the past 9 years.  She has taught movement and music as well as facilitated the Social Harmony program by working with youth having social and behavioral difficulties at the Orchard Valley Waldorf School, in East Montpelier, VT for the past 6 years.  Julia has been a staff member of the Wayfinder Experience, a fantasy roleplaying and improvisational theater camp for teens, for the past 12 years. She has been working with kids since 2000. She has directed theater programs for ages 7-17. She is certified in Integral Breath Therapy as well as Energy Medicine and she teaches yoga and leads Kirtan (Sanskrit Chanting).  She graduated from the University of Vermont in 2009 with a degree in Sociology and Music, with a focus on intentional community living. She is very passionate about helping youth to heal, grow, and transform, has a deep connection with nature, imagination, and magic and hopes to help facilitate youth to foster these connections, which already exist so powerfully within them.


John Hunt:

John grew up on a dairy farm in Vermont. He has been enthralled with the natural world since childhood and has a passion for helping others strengthen their connection. He has studied with expert survivalists and trackers including Tom Brown and Susan Morse and has also done extensive research on his own through books and direct exploration. For the past 9 years he has been mentoring youth of all ages in a wide variety of settings including summer camps, afterschool programs,  and outdoor education schools. He runs a one day a week school year program through ReTribe at the Forest School in Richmond, Vermont. He was a mentor for three years at Earthwalk Vermont and he co-started Coyote Clan Wilderness Adventure Camps as part of ReTribe, 9 years ago. He has been working with the Walden Project, here at Willowell, for the past 9 years as a visiting naturalist. He has also been staff at iBme teen meditation retreats in Virginia. John is a poet and drummer, has a strong meditation practice, and because of his deep love of Gaia, he has a passion for, and understanding of, sustainability issues on both a worldwide and individual scale. He is certified in Integral Breath Therapy, Energy Medicine and Wilderness First Aid (SOLO), and was trained through The Mindfulness in Edcuation Teacher Training from Daniel Rechtschaffen at the Omega Institute. He loves working with youth and helping them discover, through nature connection, their unique and beautiful power.


Summer Camps 2018

june 18 - 22  |  ages 4 - 7

Chipmunk Clan 1

june 18 - 22  |  ages 8 - 12

Coyote Clan

june 25 - 29  |  ages 8 - 12

Jedi Training

july 2 - 7  |  ages 12 - 15

Rooted Youth

july 9 - 13  |  ages 4 - 6

Wren's Nest

JULY 9 - 13  |  AGES 10 - 14

Wild Witches

july 23 - 27  |  ages 7+

Nature Theater

july 30 - AUG 3  |  ages 4 - 7

Magical Forest Creatures

july 30 - AUG 3  |  ages 8 - 12

Witchcraft & Wizardry

aug 6 - AUG 10  |  ages 8+

Lord of the Rings

aug 13 - AUG 17  |  ages 5 - 6

Hobbit Camp

aug 13 - AUG 17  |  ages 7 - 14

Fiber to Function

aug 20 - AUG 24  |  ages 6 - 10

Magic, Art & Nature!