Welcome to the Willowell Foundation!

Who We Are:

The Willowell Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to connecting people with the environment, education, the arts, and each other.
From our many outdoor alternative education programs, to the Vermont Sail Freight Project- an effort to help local farmers reclaim food transportation, we are committed to offering land-based programs and activities which focus on re-connecting with nature and learning through experience.

What is Happening at Willowell?

  • Kindled Nature Program: Register Today
     Spend first Saturdays in the Willowell woods learning skills and playing games! http://www.willowell.org/programs/kindled-nature-program/
  • Latest From VT Sail Freight Project's Second Season
     Read about our latest voyages on the blog http://vermontsailfreightproject.wordpress.com/
  • Walden Project in Huffington Post
     Featured in list of "Awesome Public Schools"! http://www.willowell.org/2014/walden-project-makes-list-of-awesome-public-schools/

Willowell is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit.