willowell foundation

Our Mission:


To cultivate healthy communities by connecting people to the arts, education, the environment, and each other.


Our Programs

We offer land-based programs and activities which focus on connecting with nature, community, and learning through experience.


Wren’s Nest Preschool

Wren’s Nest Forest Preschool is a licensed, land-based nature school for youth ages 3-6. This creative program gets youth into the woods.  Kids find themselves tracking, identifying wild edibles, making forts, and viewing nature as their teacher.  Our early childhood educators are nurturing and responsive.

Summer Camps

Willowell is excited to present a diverse listing of Vermont summer day camps this year. Our camps bring children outdoors to play, get dirty, and learn from Willowell’s 230 acres of meadows, wetlands and forest.

Walden Project

For the last eighteen years, The Willowell Foundation has partnered with the Addison Northwest Supervisory District. In the spirit  of Henry David Thoreau's’ sojourn to Walden Pond, public school students are given the opportunity to take their education into the mountains and valleys of Vermont to pursue their own passions in a democratically governed community.


Our Impact

The Willowell Foundation is committed to changing the community we serve for the better. By teaching and mentoring youth, developing innovative community resource initiatives, and stewarding the land on which our organization operates, we are building a stronger community today and fostering a greater vision for tomorrow.




youth served

Land-based programming for youth is Willowell’s calling card. Our organization proudly connects youth from preschool through high school to Vermont’s natural beauty and to each other.




Years Serving communities

Since 2001, Willowell has grown from an 18-student alternative high school program in an unused school building to a youth environmental education center and conductor of vital community resource initiatives, including community gardening, home heating fuel assistance, and a network of open access art and nature trails.




aCres of land protected

Commitments to stewardship and partnerships with Vermont’s Nature Converservancy and Department of Fish & Wildlife from 2010 to the present have restored and conserved wetlands and forest that are vital to Champlain Valley wildlife. This is part of a larger 400 acre reserve in the Pond Brook/Lewis Creek Watershed.



Your Impact

We want your skills and strengths. Are you an artist, a teacher, a carpenter, or a parent? From getting dirty in the Willowell garden, to stacking wood for the Monkton wood bank, to teaching a class or workshop at Walden, there are ways for everyone to join the Willowell community.


Sign Up For a camp

Come to our exciting nature camps!  Everyone will find something they love such as Jedi Training, Lord of the Rings, Witchcraft and Wizardry, and more.

Volunteer opportunities

Come volunteer at Willowell! Work on innovative land-based projects, help with garden maintenance, build cabins, or create art installations. Willowell needs your support.

Make a Donation

Donations go to support outdoor educational experiences for youth. Your money will directly impact our community. We appreciate any support you can give.