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Wildlife Monitoring


In 2017 Willowell offered the Keeping Track® Monitoring Program (KTMP) for a ninth year. The program is taught by renowned tracker, photographer, and habitat specialist Sue Morse and seeks to empower citizens to observe, interpret, record, and monitor evidence of wildlife habitat in their communities. Listen to the VPR interview with Sue Morse about her mission to protect core habitat, and her partnership with Willowell and the Northeast Wilderness Trust to offer the Keeping Track course in Vermont. The training included five full-day field workshops with Sue at her property in Jericho, the Willowell Foundation’s conserved wetlands, and other wildlife habitats in the area.




    • Track identification and patterns
    • Behavioral ecology
    • Ecosystem connectivity
    • Habitat and food resources
    • Land use/land connectivity and how it affects and relates to human residents of Vermont

    As well as gain a deeper understanding of the story of the forest!