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Monkton Wood Bank


The Monkton Wood Bank is a heating and fuel assistance program that serves low-income households in Addison County. The program supplies wood and other heating fuels, such as wood pellets and kerosene, in emergency heating situations throughout the winter. This entirely volunteer-led community resource is run in coordination with H.O.P.E (Helping Overcome Poverty’s Effects). Most recipients are registered with H.O.P.E, and this is the easiest way to request a delivery if you are in need.

Willowell began efforts to support the wood bank in 2016 by coordinating deliveries, storing the wood, and providing volunteer labor efforts. We rely on residents and volunteers to make this program available. Donations, volunteers, and wood are greatly appreciated.

If you are a family in need call H.O.P.E at (802) 388-3608.

If you would like to volunteer, please see our Volunteer page.

If you would like to donate wood or provide financial support, email info@willowell.org.